About Us

PlumbingOnline.ca is an online Canadian company that takes pride in its rich plumbing history. Our quality products are competitively priced and well trusted throughout Canada. Whether you need to plan a bathroom or kitchen renovation, PlumbingOnline.ca has what you need. If you are unable to locate a product on our website, let us know! Our talented team will work hard to find what you need.

Price Advantages
At PlumbingOnline.ca, we buy all our products in volume directly from suppliers. This ensures we get the best price. From there, we pass on the great deals and savings to you. If you believe a competitor has a better price then us, please contact us and whenever possible, we will be happy to match that price for you (some conditions apply).

Shipping Advantages
PlumbingOnline.ca has multiple distribution locations across Canada, allowing us to ship anywhere in Canada with ease. Unlike companies based in the United States, you do not pay duty fees, or incur any additional delays when you order from PlumbingOnline.ca.