TOTO Toilets

TOTO is a brand consumers have come to rely on for their stylish, accessible and intuitive designs.  TOTO continues to develop innovative technologies that elevate consumers experience.  A WaterSense partner, TOTO continues to impress with their use of green technology to enhance sustainability and water conservation on a global scale.

TOTO has developed many innovative technologies that not only enhance the function of their designs, they support their goal of  water conservation.

Surface Technology: TOTO’s trademarked ceramic glaze results in a smoother surface and cleaner bowl.

  • CeFIONTect™

Sanitation Technology: uses the power of electrolyzed water to mist the bowl prior to and after each use, aiding clean up.

  • eWater+™

Flush Technology:  3.40-4.85 litres used per flush.

  • Tornado Flush - 2 nozzles generate a more powerful flush creates more power resulting in a cleaner toilet bowl, this flush boasts high-efficiency, using just 4.84 litres per flush compared.
  • E-Max - offers consumers a much more powerful flush, thanks to TOTO’s large siphon jet. With added water savings, with only 4.84 liters used per flush.
  • 3-D Tornado Flush - boasting 3 nozzles the 3-D Tornado Flush provides even more power than TOTO’s Tornado Flush.  Consumers will enjoy greater water conservation with each flush, having the choice between approximately 3.40 and 4.84 litres per flush.
  • Dual-Max - for environmentally conscious consumers, the Dual-Max uses 3.40 or 6.05 liters per flush.
  • EcoPower - sensor powered by water. Consumers will enjoy the benefits of TOTO’s EcoPower which doesn’t rely on complex wiring or batteries.

Toilet Design

  • 1.0 GPF Gravity - this model uses just 3.78 liters per flush.

TOTO’s Exciting 2016 Product Releases: constantly developing new innovations, TOTO proudly released the following 6 new products:

  • Arvina Vessel Lavatories - space-saving, geometric design
  • MH Wall-Hung High-Efficiency toilet - space saving, modern design featuring TOTO’s Dual Max 3-D Flush Technology
  • NEOREST 500H collections - featuring Tornado technology, eWater+™and CeFIONTect™
  • WaterSense one and two piece Promenade II 1G and round-front Drake II 1G ultra high-efficiency 1.0gpf toilets (UHETs)
  • Washlet G400 - wall mounted option, remote control, cleansing features, automatic sensor technology, complete with CeFIONTect™ and Dual-Max 3-D Flushing technology.
  • NEOREST 750H Intelligent Toilet - features eWater+™ and HYDROTECT glaze

1 Re-Engineered Product:

  • EcoPower Flush Valves

Plumbing Online Canada offers consumers a wide selection of TOTO products including: washlets, toilets, toilet seats, sinks, and 24 TOTO collections in stock. TOTO is the perfect choice to complement your modern bathroom design.