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Panasonic Fans Canada

Panasonic is a name that has stood the test of time, at just shy of 100 years in business, they have developed quality products that have been enjoyed by generations.  With a wide product lineup in a variety of arenas their diversified approach is what has made them so successful.  A true leader, they continue to push forward and develop and manufacture high quality products that continue to impress consumers.

Notable features of Panasonic Bathroom Fans:

  • Energy Star certified - all Panasonic bathroom fans are Energy Star certified, a highly efficient option to ventilate your bathroom.
  • Quiet and powerful ventilation - powered by the same motors used to run air conditioners Panasonic has achieved a superior level of ventilation while reducing operating noise.

Panasonic Bath Fans Available at Plumbing Online Canada: offering consumers 13 lines to choose from:

  1. Whisper Ceiling™ - this line provides consumers with a more traditional style, and quiet fan operation
  2. WhisperFit™
  3. WhisperFit-Lite™
  4. Whisper Green™
  5. Whisper Green Select™ - an energy efficient DC motor is responsible for the powerful and quiet ventilation that is achieved in this line.  With FlexZ fast install, it has never been easier to install a bathroom fan.
  6. Whisper Line™- with a remote mount, and 5 installation options consumers are now able to vent multiple areas at once. The perfect for larger washrooms.  
  7. Whisper Lite™ - featuring a completely enclosed fan box for a more stylish look.  This line is powered by an air conditioner motor, and offers a relatively quiet operation noise.
  8. Whisper Recessed™ - enjoy an LED lighting option, with stylish recessed design your fan box is completely hidden in the ceiling.  The perfect pairing of function and style.
  9. Whisper Sense™ - humidity sensor activates fan to remove humidity from the air
  10. WhisperSense-Lite™
  11. Whisper Value™ - a great choice when you are looking for a slim ventilation system that offers both wall and ceiling mount options
  12. Whisper Wall™ - the perfect choice for consumers who require an exterior wall installation
  13. WhisperWarm™ - enjoy the benefits of quiet fan operation in combination with a heater.  Warm up your heater in just 60 seconds.  

Innovative Technologies:

  • Pick-A-Flow™ speed - allows you to select the amount of ventilation you require (
  • Plug ‘N Play module - works in conjunction with other innovative technologies to customize your bathroom ventilation
  • SmartFlow ® technology - energy efficient
  • SmartAction ® Moisture Sensor - built in sensor activates fan when it detects humidity

Visit Plumbing Online Canada to learn more about how you can achieve an energy efficient and powerful bathroom ventilation with a Panasonic Bathroom Fan today.