Electric fireplaces are hot. Their redesigned looks and technological leaps forward have spiked recent popularity and sparked what is now a booming industry. Some advancements of the electric fireplace include colour customization, energy efficiency and streamlined designs. Electric fireplaces are also easily installed and compatible with even the most challenging installation areas.

Amantii is an award-winning brand that leads the world in innovative, heat efficient electric fireplaces. Thanks to Amantii's wide range of design options you can find an electric fireplace that meets your design standards. The Amantii fireplace generates 4800 BTU’s of heat while only consuming up to 1500 watts of power.

PlumbingOnline.ca is a proud seller of the highly esteemed Amantii fireplaces. The sleek, elegant, modern fireplaces are sure to catch everyone's attention and spark conversation among friends and family. Get your Amantii fireplace today; winter is coming!


Bob on

Your articles always brighten my day

Michael Cirnu on

It seems that thermal output (BTU) is missing in your description?

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