In recent years we have seen a growing number of homeowners choosing to incorporate their laundry room into the heart of their home.

No longer, relegated to a dark, poorly lit corner of the basement, today’s modern laundry room is both stylish and functional.

Much consideration and care go into planning the overall layout to ensure that it meets the demands of the home. Given the number of hours families spend doing laundry each week, it’s long overdue.

To give you some inspiration, our image features one of our favourite models the BLANCO QUATRUS R15 Laundry sink and the URBENA faucet.

We’ve created a list of six essential fixtures of a functional laundry room to assist you with planning your laundry room renovation.

6 Essential Fixtures of a Functional Laundry Room

  1. Large laundry sink - many homeowners are choosing to replace their plastic, white utility tub laundry sink with a stainless steel sink. A small change that transforms your laundry room, giving it a clean and sleek look, while maintaining function.
  2. Faucet - good water pressure and flow rate are essential to achieve adequate soaking and stain fighting action. Modern lever handle or traditional knob style are available to complement your stainless steel laundry sink.
  3. Lighting - when it comes to lighting in the modern laundry room - anything goes! Simple, modern or elegant overhead lighting fixtures, the choice is yours.  
  4. Front loading washer and dryer set - these high-efficiency options have soared in popularity and are now commonly found in homes across the country.  Available in a variety of colour options to complement your colour scheme.
  5. Countertop - with the popularity of front loading, high-efficiency washer and dryers consumers are choosing to create a designated folding area by installing built in countertops.  Laminate and stone, are both popular selections depending on your budget.    
  6. Shelving/Storage - open shelving with decorative glass jars or tall cupboards with modern handles are two commonly seen options in the modern laundry room.  Choose a shelving or storage option that suits your style preferences and your space.

Now that you’ve planned out the essential functional fixtures in your laundry room it’s time to complete the look with some art work.  From art prints, photography, to wood signs with tongue in cheek laundry quotes, these pieces will add the final touch to your laundry room. Create a warm and inviting functional laundry room that you want to spend time in.

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