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Herman Franke made his first stainless steel sink in 1936 in Switzerland. It was the beginning of the Franke group’s legacy, who have continued making quality sinks for the whole world to this day.

The Franke stainless steel sink is now a product with more than 80 years of excellence behind it.

While characteristics have changed, the basic concept has remained the same: a reliable basin for cleaning, cooking, and about 100 other jobs we do every single day.

With so much of our lives based in and around the kitchen sink, it's important to choose one in a tried and tested material.

Stainless steel sinks are classic kitchen fixtures that are as durable as, well, steel.

Stainless Steel Gauge: What does it mean?

An expert tip when looking at sink durability is to consider the gauge. The gauge of the steel refers to the thickness of the steel during assembly. It is measured by the gauge number – the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. While thicker is stronger, it is also heavier and generally used in larger sinks where the steel is pressed and stretched further, i.e. deeper wider bowls.

With proper maintenance and care, the lifetime of a stainless steel sink is easily the longest-lasting fixture in your kitchen. Add a sink grid to guard against wear and tear on the bottom, and it becomes the longest-lasting fixture in the whole house.

PlumbingOnline.ca is an authorized dealer of Franke stainless steel sinks with all our orders coming directly from their Canadian warehouse. We ship Franke sinks from coast to coast, from Banff to Baffin Island.

Single, Double, or 1 1/3 Stainless Steel Sink?

Choosing the bowl configuration for a sink can depend on what your intended usage is like. But no matter what configuration you choose, Fanke has the model to fit your kitchen.



Single Bowl PESCARA

Influenced by Italian design sensibilities and artisan traditions, the Franke Pescara offers the classic appearance of clean lines and simple design. A large single bowl with rounded corners also has a wider selection of related accessories to add to the function and extend the longevity of this luxurious sink.




Double Bowl TECHNA

Techna offers a sleek, modern look that showcases Franke's attention to detail - but don't be fooled. 
This is a sink built for the rigours of daily life. Plus, it’s one of the most versatile sinks at this price point.
The double-bowl design offers you to perform multiple tasks at once with an accessory line that includes a wooden cutting board and in-sink drain basket.




1 and 1/3 Bowl KUBUS

From your biggest food preparation to your largest dirty dish piles, the Franke Kubus can handle it all. Made from a durable 18 gauge and a full line of accessories, this sink is ready to handle your Thanksgiving meal prep!


Are you looking for a durable sink this holiday season? Whether you need design suggestions for the kitchen sink or are looking to talk through your technical specs with an expert, we are here to help. Contact us at customersupport@plumbingonline.ca or 1-884-0347-5862.

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