From kitchen faucets to pot fillers to showers, gold is everywhere and more popular than ever. In 2019, gold kitchen faucet ideas have taken over the Houzz and Pinterest boards inspiring homeowners to bring warmth to their spaces through bold fixtures.

After slowly gaining momentum with interior designers over the last year, gold finishes have grown into a full-blown trend.

Stylish Appeal of Gold Finishes

This isn't the loud “brassy” finish from the 1980s – no need to have flashbacks of shoulder pads or leg warmers. These are deep, modern tones that add a sophisticated flair to any kitchen or bathroom.

Design idea: Make a statement with a gold shower system as a centrepiece of your bathroom.

You can use it as an accent to marble or stone for a classical look in any room, or paired with matte black for an elegant, contemporary look. Gold can be used to accentuate any style from modern, transitional or traditional; it’s a versatile and unique finish.

Brands That Offer Gold Finishes

Each company has a different name for their gold finish – and tones can vary – so for best results try to stay within a single brand when selecting the pieces for your space.

Delta offers a finish called “Champagne Bronze,” which is as luxurious as the name suggests. Many shower trims can be installed over existing Delta rough-ins for easy upgrades to your shower system. If you want to talk technical, feel free to give us a call to find the right solution for your shower.

Delta’s Trinsic line in Champagne Bronze is one of our best sellers of 2019. If you are looking for gold kitchen faucet inspiration, then you need to see the luxury embodied by this finish in a classic faucet silhouette. We think you'll agree. It's a must-have for any kitchen renovation.

Brizo offers modern manufacturing process to compliment their fine detailed craftsmanship. In addition to their “Luxe Gold,” Brizo offers select pieces in their Brilliance line of finishes. These durable finishes use a process unique to Brizo that bonds the gold molecules deep in a product's surface, making them more resistant to discolouration and corrosion than traditional finishing methods.

Moen’s faucets in “Brushed Gold” all feature their LifeShine process and have a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing, flaking and corrosion. Brushed Gold has a rich darker tone that sets it apart. A chic, tasteful alternative to the bright yellow gold most people think of.

This finish can be found for their Voss and Weymouth lines, but the real standout is their Align Kitchen Faucet. Its clean, contemporary look acts as the focal point for any kitchen. Plus, it features a pull-down wand with Moen’s Reflex technology for convenient daily use.

Are you looking to complete a bathroom or kitchen renovation?

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