Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans are one of the best ways to remove moisture and odours from your lavatory. These state-of-the-art bathroom fans are quiet, energy efficient and will prevent mouldy infections in your bathroom.

Moisture Control
Over time, exposure to bathroom moisture can peel the paint wallpaper and damage walls. Moisture also creates an ideal condition for mold to grow, which can be hard to remove and have a negative impact on living conditions. Using a Panasonic fan while bathing prevents these conditions and protects your bathroom from other moisture related damage. Panasonic fans also have the added benefit of defogging your bathroom mirror.

Eliminates Odours
Panasonic fans allow you to eliminate offensive odours inside your bathroom providing a pleasant, sanitary environment.

Panasonic fans come in a variety of sizes, sound levels and power consumption. To find the fan that best meets your needs, recommends you consult the specifications listed on each of the product pages or contact our customer support team.

If you can't find a Panasonic fan that meets your specifications, contact us! Our email is, or you can reach us by phone at 1-844-347-5862.

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