Why a Pressure Regulating Valve is Required

In homes where water supply pressure exceeds 60 psi (413 kPa), Canadian plumbing code requires that a PRV be installed.  High water pressure can result in premature deterioration of piping systems, water heaters, and faucets, resulting in floods and other costly damage. Where population density has increased, municipalities have been forced to ramp up pressures on water mains to satisfy demands, leaving unprotected structures vulnerable.

The good news is that PRVs are inexpensive and easy for any qualified plumber to install.  They are generally located within an access panel, just inside the foundation wall, but can be placed anywhere that they will serve all fixtures and appliances.  Most are factory set to produce water at 50 psi, but can be easily adjusted from 25-75 psi.  It is not recommended they be adjusted to greater than 60 psi.

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