Silgranit sinks are a beautiful alternative to conventional stainless steel. The durable, scratch-resistant silgranit sink is made up of 80% granite and 20% acrylic. The combination of materials allows for a variety of colours options as well as guaranteed fade resistance. Blanco, Kindred and Franke are all industry leaders in the silgranit sink market. These trusted names have refined and modernized the kitchen sink, allowing the customer to find the perfect colour without compromising in quality.

At, we are proud carriers of Blanco, Kindred and Franke silgranit sinks. Here are three fantastic options for someone who is considering purchasing a quality silgranit kitchen sink:

Option 1: The Blanco Horizon 400979
The Blanco Horizon 400979 is one's best-selling drop-in silgranit sinks. This sink is available in a variety of beautiful shades that would make it a delicate accent to any kitchen space. Furthermore, the made in Canada sink has two bowls, allowing for a more fluid washing experience.

Option 2: The Franke Orca
The Franke Orca is a customer favourite silgranit sink at The unique shape and deep, rich colours earn it top marks in the category.

Option 3: The Kindred Mythos
The Kindred Mythos offers one of's most unique offering. The 1-3/4 bowl layout offers the versatility of different sized bowls for large and small jobs.

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