Renovations, whether you have a budget or not, can be challenging and require a lot of planning. Staying within a budget is easier said than done. That is why has crafted some of the best tips and tricks so that you can feel confident when beginning your renovation! These ideas are sure to help you save money and produce amazing results. 

Chrome: Stunning looks at stunning costs!
Chrome has a clean, elegant aesthetic and is the most cost-effective finish available. Chrome is inexpensive for manufacturers to produce and is currently the industry standard. Chrome’s appearance is also identical regardless of the manufacturer, allowing you to pair your favourite brands, preferred shapes and desired styles without worrying about needing to match finishes.’s best-selling chrome product is the Delta chrome faucet.

Where should you be spending the big bucks?
Splurging on high-end products is smart if it improves your bathroom experience. Choosing which items to upgrade is best gauged through frequency of use. As an example, you may utilize your toilet more often than your shower fixtures, therefore justifying a more sophisticated toilet such as this TOTO toilet.

Minimalism, why it is a win-win.
When renovating on a tight budget, minimalism is your friend. Keeping a clutter-free space is vital to maintaining a modern minimalist bathroom look and can also save you money. By following a minimalist bathroom agenda, you do not have to spend an excess amount on unneeded accessories.

Choosing a colour palette.
Keeping a low profile colour palette can make even the most inexpensive bathrooms feel luxurious and modern. Contemporary colours such as grey, white and black will show off elegance and class while complimenting your chrome finishes as mentioned above.

What now? is happy to assist you in staying within your bathroom budget. We carry quality brands such as American Standard, Moen, Delta and Grohe and urge you to contact us if you need any recommendations or advice.

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