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Toto Washlets have become incredibly popular and are one of our top selling products of 2019. 

With all the hype and a number of competitor products at much lower price points, it's essential to understand what a Washlet is and what makes it so unique.

What is a Washlet?

The term Washlet refers to an electronic toilet seat featuring a built-in bidet function that attaches directly to your toilet. There is no need to install a second fixture, making it perfect for any sized bathroom.

Using the attached control panel, you can control the wand position, the temperature and pattern of the water, ensuring you get a personalized, comfortable clean.

Toto offers a wide range of features and price points, but their newest entry-level model is the Toto SW2014#01 A100.

Why Do People Love it?

Most Washlet enthusiasts have a similar story: “I just got home from a trip to Japan...”

While the origins of the bidet date back to 18th century France, the modern Washlet is strictly a Japanese phenomenon. In Japan, a Washlet is a commonplace fixture in most hotels and public restrooms. While the experience can seem a little intimidating for some, once you try it you'll wonder how you lived without it.

Washlets are more hygienic and create less waste than conventional wiping. This allows for a cleaner more eco-friendly experience for everyone that uses one.

Imagine having clean, warm water giving you a shower-fresh feeling every time you use the toilet!

The Toto A100: Perfect Entry-Level Model

While you may have seen a similar product for under $100, it's import to discuss what makes the A100 your best choice to try out the Washlet lifestyle.

The A100 is the perfect option for people looking to try out a quality Washlet or those looking to upgrade their existing bathroom set up on a budget.

Plus, you get the quality and reliability of the Toto brand, a company that has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Toto perfected and popularized the modern Washlet. They offer a comprehensive one-year warranty and have a responsive customer/technical support team.

The A100 offers excellent value for money. Offering all the necessary features for cleansing such as a front and rear adjustable spray and leaving out excesses like automatic opening and night light. It focuses solely on providing the hygienic feeling and cleanliness Washlets are known for.

Many of the cheapest products on the market are not electronic – which means cold water.

Toto A100 Washlet is a cleaner, eco friendly way to spoil yourself in 2020. Try it out!

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