Cooking a fantastic meal in the kitchen can sometimes be a hassle if you are regularly washing your hands. Touch-activated faucets are a revolutionary way to counteract this time-consuming problem. The touch faucet can streamline your cooking experience by maximizing efficiency in your kitchen. The beautifully designed touch-activated fixtures are great alternatives to ordinary faucets and only come at a slight increase in cost.

Once installed, these faucets require either AA batteries or to be plugged in. The estimated battery life of the battery powered faucets is two years. Once the batteries have lost charge, replacing them is as easy as changing the batteries on your television remote.

Delta and Brizo lead the touch faucet industry by pushing for unique innovation, design and beauty. The modern, contemporary creation of the touch faucet was launched by Delta and Brizo in 2008. Over time, Delta and Brizo realized that they had discovered the future of faucets. By implementing small additions and building on what they had originally created, Delta and Brizo have truly perfected the touch faucet.

At, we carry touch faucets (and touch soap dispensers) from leading brands such as Brizo and Delta. Each carefully crafted fixture has beautiful finishes such as matte black, arctic stainless, chrome and many more. If you are looking to purchase one of these streamlined, efficient faucets, please contact our customer service team at or call us at 1-844-347-5862.

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