Choosing the right person when completing a renovation can spare you time, money and stress. That is why has listed the top 4 professionals to hire before beginning renovations on your bathroom and kitchen.

Interior Designer
Interior designers are professionals who have undergone rigorous schooling to ensure you creatively maximize your space. Determining what kind of look you want -whether contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, traditional or rustic- is a significant first step in narrowing down an interior designer whose vision aligns with yours.

General Contractor
A general contractor is someone who oversees the construction and project supplies during your renovation. It is the person who contacts vendors and carriers to ensure everything arrives on time and without hassle. It is crucial that you and your general contractor are on the same page in regards to the renovation. Lacking communication can make your renovation extremely complicated.

Plumbers are significant assets to any projects involving faucets, sinks, toilets and showers. They are professionals in the field of plumbing, so their superb knowledge and experience can ensure a smooth installation of all your purchases.

The colour of a room determines the mood it embodies. Professional painters are timely, accurate, knowledgeable, and will help move your project along. Having a capable painter will help you capture the aesthetics of your dream room.

Unfortunately, is not able to recommend any individuals working in the aforementioned professional fields.

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