TOTO's Washlet is a bidet in the form of a toilet seat. Washlets can be installed on virtually all toilets and are comfortable, adjustable and efficient. The primary function of a Washlet is to keep both the environment and you, happy and clean.

The experience of using a TOTO Washlet is a unique sensation that is easy to adjust to and hassle-free. The device does the work for you, all at the click of a button. The device's comprehensive comfort settings includes heated seats, deodorizers, self-opening lids, and warm air dryers.

The Washlet saves you money while preserving the environment. Toilet paper is expensive and harsh on the environment but easily avoided with TOTO's state of the art Washlet. Furthermore, the device has specific features which allow the conservation of water consumption.

At, we are proud carriers of TOTO's fantastic Washlet line.

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